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We aim to partner with relentless founders
seeking to transform industries with technology.

We aim to partner in capital-efficient companies with scalable technologies, success-driven teams with a clear path to profitability and execution. At R3T, we aim to partner in fundamental businesses that are proven to create long-term value. We aim to partner with people and businesses to create long-term relationships and value.


To recruit, develop and retain exceptional professionals by providing a team-based environment that is innovative, collaborative and deliver results.

Team Spotlight

Nicholas Greeff
President and Director

Mr. Greeff was responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that helped The Paleo Diet become a leading voice in the health and wellness industry. He oversaw all aspects of marketing, including branding, product development, and customer acquisition.

His leadership style is characterized by his ability to bring out the best in his team members. He encourages creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration, which has resulted in a culture of innovation and excellence at the organizations he has led.

Overall, Mr. Greeff’s track record of success as a leader makes him a valuable asset to any organization. His ability to inspire and motivate teams while also driving growth and profitability is a rare combination.

Board of Directors

Stan Kolaric – Chairman
Eric Eden - Director
Nicholas Greef - Director
Bruce Langer – Independent Board Member
David Langer – Independent Board Member